Written by Tony Burgess 
Directed by Cody Wyoming 


John Rensenhouse
(recently voted KC’s best actor)) 
Katie Gilchrist
(Recently voted Best Local Actress) 
Regina Weller
Bradley J. Thomas
and Mitch Brian 

Shock jock Grant Mazzy (Rensenhouse) has been kicked­ off the airwaves and now works at a small town morning show. Another mundane day on the job quickly turns deadly when reports pile in of people developing strange speech patterns and evoking brutal acts of violence. Before long, Mazzy discovers that the behavior is actually a deadly virus being spread through language. Does he stay on the air in hopes of being rescued or, is he providing the virus with its ultimate leap over the airwaves and into the world?

WARNING: This production contains Adult Language and Violence. 


January 14th & 15th @ 8pm

Opening night: January 16th
All Performances will be at 8 p.m., Thursday through Sunday.
An additional performance has been added at 10:30 p.m. on 1/31.

Closing performance January 31st
(Reception to immediately follow)

Stage Manager: April Brewer
Production Ass’t: Rachel Leyh
Sound Designer: David Kiehl
Lighting Designer: Lacey Pacheco
Costume Designer: Kimmie Queen
Properties Designer: Regina Weller
Scenic Designer: Cody Wyoming, Tim Ahlenius
Special Effects: Tab Treml, Regina Weller, Curtis Smith

Special thanks to:

UMKC Communication Studies Department, Zach Stevenson, Damian Blake, Mark Manning, KKFI, Victor & Penny, John “Moose” Kimball, Jetpack Productions, Paul Andrews, Brian Paulette, Tyler Miller, Erik Hoar, Nicole Jaja, Kyle Dyck, Rick & Barbie Dierks.


Justice in the Embers 

Presented by KCPT, The Living Room Theatre and
The Center of Investigative Reporting

Written by Michelle T. Johnson

Directed by Jennifer Welch
Asst. Directed by Chip Miller


Moses Brings Plenty
Chris Roady
Frank Oakley III
Amy Attaway
and Nancy Marcy

In a rare intersection of journalism and theater, StoryWorks KC brings to the stage the tragic 1988 explosion that killed six Kansas City firefighters, the resulting convictions, and lingering questions brought to the forefront by Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Mike McGraw, who began this reporting while at The Kansas City Star.


Opening night: February 4th
All Performances will be at 8 p.m., Thursday through Saturday
with 3pm matinees on Saturdays.

Closing performance: February 20th

There are discount tickets for groups 10 or more and complimentary tickets available for anyone who has worked or does work for the KCFD. Please call Sandy at 816-756-3580 or click here for more information.