Milking Christmas
by Friend Dog Studios & Ryan McCall
directed by Missy Koonce
November - December, 2019

Our annual family-friendly hit holiday musical comedy is back! Macey Maid-a-Milking seems to be the only person in all of Christmastown to sense that something strange is going on; toys are coming out wrong, soldiers are out in force, and there must be an awful lot of naughty children, because coal production is higher than ever. Driven by a mission to keep the holiday alive, she soon finds herself in a lot of trouble - with the future of Christmas hanging in the balance.

A third annual Christmas tradition!

Cultural Cannibals
by Ron Simonian / directed by Rusty Sneary
March - April, 2020

Theatre today is striving to become more culturally diverse and inclusive. But what happens when marginalized groups are pitted against each other in the race for a piece of the theatrical pie? In Cultural Cannibals, former allies become mortal enemies in the pursuit of inclusion. It’s the story of a fictional regional theater in upstate New York and its passion for diversity at all costs, where we’ll soon learn that the road to hell is often paved with the blood of the marginalized.

cannibals png.png

Writer’s Den Series
August 2019 - April 2020

A series of public play readings that allow local playwrights to hear aloud and receive feedback on developing scripts, including our annual No Sleep November event; a Kansas City tradition in which a group of playwrights, actors, designers, and production assistants are given just 24 hours to put together an evening of original short plays!

We are also excited to offer two playwriting classes which will give instruction on the major elements of script writing that are essential to getting new plays read and produced. Scripts written in this class are performed on our mainstage as a showcase.