Currently seeking actors for the role of Chris Claus in our upcoming remount of the hit musical comedy Milking Christmas. Auditions are Sunday, August 19th.
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our 2018 - 2019 LINEup

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by Lewis Morrow
September 7th - 16th


The Living Room is proud to serve as an associate producer for Rising Tide Productions' run of Elephant, a new play by Lewis Morrow!

Elephant was inspired by a real-life incident of a black man being approached by his white boss with an offensive request - to wear a chicken suit as part of a presentation to impress the company's CEO.

The play dives into a discussion about racism in the workplace and uplifts the perspective of Black and Latin individuals, showcasing how microaggressions can fester and explode, and how people of color resist and persist against those tensions.

This new work is currently in its fundraising stage - and there are two great ways you can help! Check out their indigogo campaign, and mark your calendars for their special event on August 16th!

Written by Lewis Morrow
Directed by Bob Linebarger

Starring Lewis Morrow, Shawna Pena-Downing, Rebecca Munoz, Ellis Wallace, Casey Jane, and Connor Eastman

Produced by Casey Jane and Bob Linebarger
Associate Producers Shawnna Journagan and Rusty Sneary