The Living Room's 2016-2017 Season


sept 30-oct 23: ANNAPURNA


The Living Room will jump start its 2016-2017 season with Sharr White’s Annapurna
featuring two of KC’s most beloved performers, Charles Fugate and Vanessa Severo, directed by Rusty Sneary.

After twenty years apart, Emma tracks Ulysses to a trailer park in the middle of nowhere for a final reckoning. What unfolds is a visceral and profound meditation on love and loss with the simplest of theatrical elements: two people in one room. A breathtaking story about the longevity of love.

"Sharr White's ANNAPURNA is a comic and gripping duet…The closer [the characters] get to understanding what drove them apart, the more engrossed we become in watching them draw together." —San Francisco Chronicle.

"What if you had experienced the defining moment of your life—but couldn't remember it? Sharr White's remarkable two-person play ANNAPURNA…deals with just that dilemma, as well as other imponderables such as the vagaries of love and the philosophical clarity of impending death." —LA Times. 

"…at the heart of each character is a lyricism that simply can't be suffocated. Sharr White has created two fine and ferociously damaged people caught in the emotional whirlpool of not being able to live with or without each other." —Huffington Post.



November through January The Living Room reprises The Writer’s Den series: three months of new work in workshops, readings and productions. The series begins with TLR’s 24 hour playwrighting festival: No Sleep November, bringing together KC’s writers, actors and technicians to create and perform new works in just 24 hours. You’ll see workshop readings of The Ballad of Lefty and Crabbe by Ben Auxier, Brian Huther and Seth Macchi and Kyle Hatley's new adaptation of The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Your responses will shape the development of these new works, and you’ll see them in full productions at the end of the season.

The series is capped by Victor Wishna’s Shearwater, starring Peggy Friesen in a two-week staged production. Throughout the Writer’s Den series you’ll see night after night of readings, including a week of new work by Ron Simonian. This series offers a preview of Kansas City’s rising artists and a peek behind the curtain at the process of creating new work for the theatre.


To be announced


Stay tuned for this announcement as we await some potentially very exciting news!


MAY 26 - JUNE 18:


From the minds behind Friend Dog Studios and the creators of this year’s hit fringe comedy “Hacks,” comes “The Ballad of Lefty and Crabbe.” This musical comedy played to packed houses and standing ovations at the 2015 Fringe Festival, and it’s back for a full production to ramp up The Living Room’s 2016-2017 season. Kansas City Repertory Theatre’s Producing Director Jerry Genochio has guided the creation of this piece since its inception in the dressing room of the Rep’s Our Town in 2014 and will return to The Living Room to direct this journey into the wild and absurd worlds of Vaudeville and Hollywood.

Comedy partners Lefty and Crabbe are faced with the slow decline of Vaudeville and the rise of Hollywood. As they struggle to break into film, the pressure to conform grows stronger and threatens to change their looks, their act, and possibly leave their partnership in ruins. Features all-new music, a host of old-timey characters and a peek into the struggle between passion and self-consciousness; self-acceptance and ambition.


JUNE 28 - JULY 16:


To close out this season, acclaimed auteur Kyle Hatley (Titus Andronicus, Carousel, The Death of Cupid and Master of the Universe) returns from Chicago to stage a new adaptation in The Living Room’s loft space. With only three actors and no intermission, Hatley’s new adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth will hit hard and leave you wanting more. Features Natalie Liccardello and Hatley. Original score by Sean Hogge.

Three PLAYERS walk into a room. Each of them carries the things they need to tell their story. 

It isn’t much. Two of them set up props and pieces. One of them sets up musical instruments. 

What happens next is the players’ swift, intimate and athletic take on one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. 

Two of them play all the roles, while one of them scores the story live, as these three players share their dark and terrifyingly close look into this couple’s marriage and the fear that compels them to commit the crimes they commit, independently, and together. 

From the team behind Titus AndronicusCarousel, The Death of Cupid and Master of the Universe.