by John Kolvenbach

Two brothers find themselves in the executive washroom of the bank they just robbed...with no way out. 

This idiosyncratic comedy will have you rolling, as this unlikely duo wield Kolvenbach's pointed narrative like an old-school knife fight. Financial gain, family dynamics, and fated encounters all play into this story that embraces the petty sibling condition under the least petty of circumstances. A new comedic drama by one of The Living Room's favorite voices.

Directed by Scott Cordes & Katie Gilchrist

Starring Matt Weiss, Rusty Sneary, Shawnna Journagan, Harvey Williams, & Gary Neal Johnson.

Bank Job ran at The Living Room Theatre in June - July of 2016


"Directors Katie Gilchrist and Scott Cordes tune the script to the key of farce with sight gags, slamming doors and smartly choreographed trips and falls. Weiss and Sneary, who co-starred in On an Average Day, capitalize again on their stage chemistry (and their resistance to bruising) in performances that maintain precision at fever pitch."

- Liz Cook, The Pitch