by Emma Carter

A freshly heartbroken Gabe teeters between catatonic despair and wild ambition. A tough but tender Al finds purpose enabling him. Both use one another to hide from the reality they’re not willing to confront. When Gabe says he’s found new purpose in attempting to meet every goal on his “not a bucket list,” the puzzle piece of their timeline are reassembled for the audience, in an exploration of love, hope and adventurous spirit.

Starring Ben Auxier, Melissa Fennewald, Erika Baker, and Alisa Lynn
Directed by Natalie Liccardello & Tim Ahlenius

Junk ran at The Living Room Theatre as part of our Writer's Den Series in December of 2015.



"Carter braids Gabe's past and present in short, cinematic scenes that drive home what he has lost (Quinn, requisite Manic Pixie Dream Girl) and what he has found (Al, recovering fuckup and ambiguously rape-y caretaker). Fans of indie-quirk odes to romance and brokenness — I'm brooding at you, Garden State — will fall for Carter's easygoing dialogue and oddball characters. But the script is funny in its own geeky, big-hearted way, its sarcasm masking a core of sincerity.

Natalie Liccardello and Tim Ahlenius direct, eliciting top-notch performances from Auxier, Fennewald and supporting players Erika Baker and Alisa Lynn."

- Liz Cook, The Pitch



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