Master of the Universe

by Kyle Hatley

Master of the Universe is the story of a discharged soldier with a mysterious disability, trying to win the love of his childhood sweetheart. A science fiction retelling of Büchner's WOYZECK, infused with the spirit and music of Nina Simone, Master of the Universe, leads us through the epic labyrinth of a destructive mind whose only salvation is love or death or both.

Written and directed by Kyle Hatley

Featuring Rusty Sneary, Vanessa Severo, Charles Fugate, Grey Williamson, Jeff Smith, Laura Jacobs, Matthew McAndrews, Andrew Stout, Linnaia McKenzie, Sean Hogge, and Ben Byard

Master of the Universe premiered at The Living Room in June of 2014.

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“Feverish intensity, a rhythmic pulse, bursts of spectacle, expletive-laden dialogue, vivid onstage violence, a penetrating sense of humor, good performances and an approach to dramatic writing that is by turns fascinating and mystifying.”

- Robert Trussell, The Kansas City Star