by Elizabeth Meriwether
Played at The Living Room October 2013.

The absurdist comedy from the creator of FOX’s hit comedy New Girl is a twisted and hilarious coming-of-age story about a girl who develops Ablutophobia, the fear of bathing. Struggling with a soul-crushing job as a personal assistant, she wages a furious, funny war against all things complacent, pampered and clean. As her smell starts to overwhelm her co-workers and many casual lovers—a series of bad poets—the play raises the questions: Is dirty living a political act? And is clean living even possible in these times of unrest? An unlikely story of love and dirty people.

Directed by Natalie Liccardello

Starring Melissa Fennewald, Carrie Lenahan, Brian Huther, Ben Auxier, and Seth Macchi.


“In Elizabeth Meriwether’s, The Mistakes Madeline Made at The Living Room Theatre, sarcasm and ironic comedy is trotted out appropriately to balance what is a complex story of love and finding oneself after suffering a substantial loss. Under the direction of Natalie Licardello, the 85 minute piece looks effortless with proper breathing room allowed for every earnest moment and comedic beat.”

- Calli Parker, KC Metropolis