by Tony Burgess

Shock jock Grant Mazzy has been kicked­ off the airwaves and now works at a small ­town morning show. Another mundane day on the job quickly turns deadly when reports begin to pile in of bizarre behavior and shocking sudden violence in the town of Pontypool, Ontario. His professional instincts tell him to stay on the air and stick with the story as it gets worse by the minute. But he soon discovers that he may be part of the problem.

Starring John Rensenhouse (recently voted KC’s best actor by KC Magazine) Katie Gilchrist (Recently voted Best Local Actress by The Pitch) Regina Weller and Bradley J. Thomas. Directed by Cody Wyoming.

Pontypool ran at The Living Room Theatre in January of 2016.


"Pontypool is a polished piece of theater with authentic scare power, but Rensenhouse's final monologue is by itself worth the ticket price."

- Liz Cook, The Pitch