by Forrest Attaway

From the mind that brought you Chainsaw the musical, The Grave, and Outta Beer and Outta Space. Come look into the mind of Kansas City's mad genius that is Forrest Attaway. Seth Macchi stars in this one man tour de force, as he relays some of the most memorable moments of Forrest's life. Guaranteed to be a different show every performance, we dare you not to laugh, cry, or be amazed at the life of one of the most important people in America!

Directed by Forrest Attaway
Starring Seth Macchi, featuring Curtis Smith

Selfless ran at The Living Room Theatre in July of 2016


"Seth Macchi as Forrest Attaway in Forrest Attaway's Selfless is almost as a good a Forrest Attaway as Forrest Attaway."

- Forrest Attaway, probably



Poster design by Brian Paulette

Poster design by Brian Paulette

Photos courtesy of J. Michael Strange,