by Eric Bogosian
Played at The Living Room September 19 - October 7, 2012.

Eric Bogosian's Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll uses a brilliantly conceived cast of characters to comment hilariously yet subtly on the larger issues that define our time: the relations between men and women; man's vision of the world and future; and the self-delusion, anxiety, and hatred endemic to modernity. It provides a case study of masculinities as they were performed in society in the 1980s and performative directions for masculinities in the future.

Starring Forrest Attaway

Directed by Taylor St. John, Cody Wyoming, Tim Ahlenius, Scott Cordes, Matt Weiss, Shawnna Journagan, Mackenzie Goodwin, Jerry Genochio, Theodore "Priest" Hughes, Chris Roady, Warren Deckert, and Johnny Wolfe

Production photos (above) by Brian Stubler.