adapted by Kyle Hatley

Three players walk into a room. Each of them carries the things they need to tell their story. What happens next is their haunting take on an old story, a cautionary tale, a rumor, a myth, a parable. Two of them play all the roles, while one scores the story live.

With no intermission, this adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth is lean, swift, athletic, and as intimate as a whisper in your ear.

Starring Kyle Hatley, Natalie Liccardello, & Sean Hogge
Original score by Sean Hogge
Directed by Kyle Hatley

The Tragedy of Macbeth played at The Living Room August - September of 2017



"[Kyle Hatley] strips the play down to its essentials while retaining most of the key dramatic moments and speeches. In Hatley’s hands it becomes a tightly condensed “best of” version of what superstitious theater folk often refer to simply as the Scottish Play."

KC Studio