by Emma Carter

Lights up: England, the 1800s. Poor Archibald Worthington doesn't know what he's in for when the mysterious, cross-dressing Sonja Smithson invites him into her home for the evening. Suddenly a prisoner to Sonja and her two companions, the incorruptibly good Emily Clearwater, and the humorously foul-mouthed prostitute Clara Hollowell, Archibald is forced to perform sexual acts in the pursuit of the greatest scientific invention his captors can imagine: the perfect female contraceptive. Darkly funny, surprisingly thoughtful, this play explores the roles and lives of both sexes in the Victorian era, and the true duality of human nature.

Directed by Natalie Liccardello and Shawnna Journagan
Starring Emma Carter, Brian Huther, Laura Jacobs, Ellen Kirk, and Curtis Smith

Wicked Creatures ran at The Living Room Theatre in July of 2016


"Set in Victorian England, Carter’s 90-minute play invokes a host of hard topics, all of which are comically juxtaposed against the facade of Victorian gentility. Factor in superbly-subtle exposition, dynamic characters, witty dialogue and a relentless undercurrent of humor and horror, and the result is a darkly funny, culturally-relevant play that simultaneously entertains and challenges."

- Hephzibah Dutt



Poster design by Brian Paulette

Poster design by Brian Paulette

Photos courtesy of J. Michael Strange, kcfringe.org