Our Writer's Den series celebrates and cultivates the talents of prominent and promising local writers in the form of staged readings, workshop productions, and special events. 2017 - 2018 marked our fourth Writer's Den series, and once again we were blown away by what KC artists brought to the table. 


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Our No Sleep November event combined (through a draft process) teams of playwrights, actors, designers, and production assistants who then had one night and one day to create a new, vibrant, all-original short play. Then we opened the doors to the public for a one-time-only theatrical experience!

This year's playwrights were Ron Simonian, Emma Carter, Forrest Attaway, Erika Baker, Brian Huther, and Prisca Kendagor.

Cast: Ben Auxier, Diane Bulan, Vanessa Davis, Kyle Dick, Michael Foster, Joseph Fournier, Ryan Hruza, Laura Jacobs, Pancho Javier, Shea Ketchum, Daria LeGrand, Seth Macchi, Eric Palmquist, Roan Ricker, Erdin Schulz-Bever, Curtis Smith, Emily Sukolics, and Ellis Wallace

Production design by Nicole Jaja and David Kiehl

Stage Management Team: Alex Murphy, Lacey Pacheco
Tyler Boyer, Sonia Jacobson, and Lydia Miller


Spellbound: A Musical by Emma Carter & Krista Pojman

The Ghost of Sloe Gin Jeffritz by Mike Rice

Stained by Prisca Jebet Kendagor

Beginner Playwriting Showcase with works by Cheryl Goertzen, Sara Morrison, Kathryn Breeden, Jessica Shumaker, Jennifer Baird, Brittany Rogoff, Christopher Preyer, Elizabeth Kerlin, and Kelly Adrian

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Spellbound: A Musical
by Emma Carter & Krista Pojman
January 29th, 2018

Trouble is brewing in the magical kingdom of Highguard. On the eve of a royal wedding Prince Dashing goes missing and it’s up two princesses and their rag tag crew to save the day.


Book and lyrics by Emma Carter
Music and lyrics by Krista Pojman

Jamie DeAnn Turner, Chioma Anyanwu, Pancho Javier, Rebecca Munoz, Mike Ott, Joshua Gleeson, Kyle Dyck, Margaret Shelby, Christiana Coffey, Ryan Tucker, and Michael Golliher


The Ghost of Sloe Gin Jeffritz
by Mike Rice
February 26th, 2018

Fall 1985. A boy dies at a Midwest college after four other freshmen on his dorm room floor force him into a drinking game. But one of the perpetrators soon learns that the cover-up is worse than the act itself.


Written by Mike Rice
Directed by Rusty Sneary

Matthew Rich, Hollis Wilhoit, Justin Barron, Kyle Dyck, Mathew Ellis, Evan Lovelace, Roan Ricker, and Kelly Main


Beginner Playwriting Showcase
April 15th & 16th, 2018

We were extremely excited to present a total of 9 new short plays by the exceptionally talented students of Ron Simonian's Beginner Playwriting class! The Living Room is proud to showcase these works, which were directed by Rusty Sneary and performed by some of the city's best actors!


Featuring works by Cheryl Goertzen, Sara Morrison, Kathryn Breeden, Jessica Shumaker, Jennifer Baird, Brittany Rogoff, Christopher Preyer, Elizabeth Kerlin, and Kelly Adrian


by Prisca Jebet Kendagor
April 30th, 2018



"Stained" is a spinoff of Pete Bakely's comedy "Drunks." Two years after the event of Drunks have occurred, Kenzie relocates to New York to work with another established screen and script writer by the name of Tamera. The story goes into the head of Tamera as she works on a brand new Broadway show that's already generating Tony buzz. Too busy to have a social life, and too scared to have her heart broken again, rather than date around, she has a casual FWB relationship with a down and out former child actor who is also working to reestablish not only his career, but his life. The creative process can be a chaotic, dysfunctional, and yet some how healing process, and it often takes a team effort. As Tamera is learning.

Featuring Chioma Anayanwu, Emmy Panzica, Dalton Mobley, Alexis L. Dupree, and Mat Ellis

Cultural Cannibals4.png

Cultural Cannibals
by Ron Simonian
September 16th, 2018

Theatre today is striving to become more culturally diverse, and far more inclusive. Unfortunately, it's not always smooth sailing. In this play, former allies become mortal enemies in the pursuit of inclusion at a (fictional) regional theater in upstate New York with a passion for diversity at all costs. Here it becomes clear that the road to hell is often paved with the blood of the marginalized.

Featuring Lewis Morrow, Bradley Thomas, Elise Poehling, and Rusty Sneary