Our Writer's Den series celebrates and cultivates the talents of prominent and promising local writers in the form of staged readings, workshop productions, and special events. 2015 - 2016 marked our third Writer's Den series, and the talent on display was immense! The main feature was a fully-staged production of Junk by Emma Carter, which you can read more about here.



Our No Sleep November event combined (through a draft process) teams of playwrights, actors, designers, and production assistants who then had one night and one day to create a new, vibrant, all-original short play. Then we opened the doors to the public for a one-time-only theatrical experience!

2015's playwrights were: Bryan Moses, Brian Huther, Pete Bakely, Emma Carter, and Erika Baker

Featured actors:
Jacob Cullum, Lydia Miller, Ryan Hruza, Curtis Smith, De De Deville, Rasheedat Badejo, Will Fritz, Alysa Lynn, Missy Fennewald, Casey Allen, Jeff Smith, Bobby Miller Jr., Matt Lindblom, Meredith Wolfe, Sebastian Smith, and Ben Auxier.

Special thanks to our production assistants!
Hayden Popp
Ron Stephenson
Shea Ketchum
Jessie Metcalf


Alison by Cathy Smith
The Killer by Curtis Smith
Figment by Ryan Laws
Hate in Nate by Hayden Pope
John and Leslie are in the Copy Room Again by Mike Rice
The Journey by Prisca Kendagor
Chasing Nureyev by Christie Kennard
The Hello Poem by Dan Born
Clownfish by Carolyn Kern
The Burning by Marty Hoing
The Rattling by Sarah Aptilon
Wicked Creatures by Emma Carter
Shearwater by Victor Wishna
Pica by Marlo Angell
The State of our Union by Joshua Efron
Out in the World by Curtis Smith